What Height Dirt Bike Should I Get? – Full Guide and Chart

Measuring the height of a dirt bike
my old honda xr250 – before resto

The main factor to consider when establishing the correct height of a dirt bike is making sure the rider can touch the ground with both feet, but ultimatley it depends on a combination of factors such as your height, bike type and riding experience.

Through out this guide we will cover these various aspects, as well as provide you with a general dirt bike height chart, and answer common questions relating to dirt bike heights and size.

What Should My Dirt Bike Seat Height Be?

The primary way of making sure the seat of a dirt bike is the right height for you, is by to getting your leg over the seat so you are in the standard straddle position and see if your feet can touch the ground on either side.

You are not looking for flat feet necessarily, it’s the balls of your feet that you want to hit the ground so you can stabilise the bike from falling over, and feel comfortable in this position.

Using this method as a gauge, means there is no definitive size for a certain height of person, because we are all built differently, some having longer legs than others etc. That said our dirt bike height chart below, will offer you a good idea of the bike size required for the average person when looking at a riders height.

Other points to consider when judging what height of dirt bike you need are the style of bike you are looking for and the experience of the rider.

When we talk about the experience of the rider, it relates to the size of the bikes engine rather than the physical size of the bike, in terms of height, length and weight. When most people talk about a bikes size they mean how big the engine is which is measured in what we call cc’s.

CC stands for Cubic Centimeters and tells us the displacement capacity of the engine. Generally the higher the cc number the larger the engine and the more power output it has.

A rider with greater experience may require more power, although that is not always strictly the case. It will also depend on the style of bike and what you are using it for.

For example a motorbike built for longer distances will likely be equiped with a higher cc engine, 1200cc or higher for example. A trail bike maybe 250cc or 300cc and is more the torque that matters to the rider. An enduro could be any where from 200cc to 400cc on average.

First then you need to decide what type of dirt bike you are shopping for. Are you looking at a Motocross, Enduro or Trail Bike? All of which could be classed as dirt bikes.

Second is the size of the engine within that style. The normal trend is for kids and beginner adults to start on lower powered dirt bikes. Maybe a 50cc for a kid and 125cc – 200cc for an Adult. The 50cc bikes will definitley be alot smaller and although an adult can ride them they do so more for the fun and novelty factor.

Dirt Bike Height Size Chart

Rider Height
Rider Height
(feet & inches)
Seat Height
Seat Height
158 cm5′ 2″79 cm – 100 cm31″ – 35″
163 cm5′ 4″84 cm – 92 cm33″ – 36″
168 cm5′ 6″88 cm – 95 cm34″ – 37″
173 cm5′ 8″88 cm – 98 cm34″ – 38″
178 cm5′ 10″89 cm – 100 cm35″ – 39″
183 cm6′96 cm or more37.5″ or more
12 yr old avg28″
10 yr old avg27″
8 yr old avg26″
Rider / Dirt Bike Height Chart

How Do I Know My Dirt Bike Size?

The size of a dirt bike is determined by measuring the distance from the ground to the lowest point of seat when the bike is free standing and having factory suspension set to standard with no adjustments that could effect the height.

That means you dont want to bike on its stand when taking the measurement, but stood upright and obviously without anyone sat on it.

Take a tape measure, find the lowest point of the seat and measure from the ground up as it is easier than going from the seat down to the ground.

Some common questions relating to dirt bike seat heights

Are All Dirt Bike Seats The Same Size?

No, dirt bike seats come in various different shapes, firmness and size. Depending on what style the bike is and the preference of the rider, it will dictate what seat the dirt bike has.

How Tall Should You Be For A 250 Dirt Bike?

The correct height for a 250 dirt bike is one that allows the rider to be able to touch the floor with the ball of the foot on both sides whilst straddling the bike.

What Dirt Bike Has A 34 Inch Seat Height?

The KTM 85 SX 17/14 has a seat height of 34.1 inches as does the Gas Gas MC85 17/14. At around 34 inches these bikes are great for people around 5ft 6″ or 168cm tall.

What Dirt Bike Has The Lowest Seat Height?

The Yamaha PW50 has a seat height of 475mm or 18.1 inches making it one of the bikes with the lowest seat height available.

This is a classic dirt bike that has been used by many kids who are just getting started dirt biking. It is also only 41kg when fully fueled and oiled up so it is very easy to transport around. I love these little bikes.

Check out to full PW50 spec here – https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/products/motorcycles/competition/pw50-2023/

The Honda equivalent to the PW50 would be the Honda CRF50. This has a seat height of 548mm or 21.5 inches. Again a great little bike for kids.

Sat in my garage is a Honda XR70 which came before the CRF50 and is very similar. They are great to look at.

How Can I Make My Dirt Bike Seat Taller?

Using a thicker foam pad will increase the height of the dirt bike seat. Simply replacing the exisiting foam with a new one of the same spec will help to certain degree because it wont be worn, however if you get a piece of foam that is thicker you will gain a couple of inches.

It is advantagoues to use seat foam that is designed to fit your dirt bike, but you could choose to bulk up an exisiting foam pad by using additional foam stuck onto the old and then contour it to the desired shape.

For more info on this you may want to click over to my article about replacing dirt bike seat foam. In this post I cover emoving the old foam, adding new and replacing the cover. Link below

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How Tall Do You Have To Be To Ride A Dirt Bike?

There is no specified height requirement to be able to ride a dirt bike. If the rider can comfortably touch the floor on both sides with the balls of their feet then you are good to go.

Can You Ride A Dirt Bike If You’re Short?

Yes you can. If the rider can touch the ground with the balls of their feet or more on both sides then you can ride.

Obviously some bikes will be to big so you will have to do your research if you are looking to buy. Measure your inside leg seem and compare it to the dirt bike seat height to see if it looks like a good fit. Then go and try it out.

Generally speaking everyone will be able to find a dirt bike that fits their size. From children to adults.

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