Honda XR250 Rear Shock Is Back and Rebuilt

I wish I had taken more pictures of the shock before it went away because I seem to be lacking in pics beforehand, so what you see are of the rear shock when it was mounted on the bike.

As far as I am aware, this shock is the original and for this reason I wanted to get it rebuilt instead of buying a replacement. That makes it 29 years old and to be honest I dont think anything had been done to it previously.

It needed some work and I have never touched one of these before so after some intial research I decided it was best left to a pro.

Local to me there turned out to be a place that specializes in shocks and suspension – Falcon Shocks – These guys were about 3 miles from my door and there service was awesome. I will use them again for future projects and worth a look if you are looking at doing something similar.

Overall the cost was £348 and was made up of £250 for the shock refurb, £40 for powder coating the spring, which was optional and the rest – £58 was VAT.

It is not cheap and if I wasn’t doing a complete rebuild on this XR then I probably wouldn’t of gone down this route. But the end result I want to achieve is for the bike to be mint, and I know it would grate on me in the long run if I didn’t do it.

I will add this to the total running cost of the rebuild which you can find on the Honda XR 250 Project Expenses Page The total at the moment is just shy of £900 and I recon I am halfway. The XR250 project hubpage is here

Before and after pics below.

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