Honda XR 250 Project – Tools and Expenses

Here you will find the place where I keep track of all the expenses involved with the Honda XR250 rebuild project. I have broken the page into sections and placed items into a relevant category to make things easier to find.

I wont be listing absolutley everything I use here in terms of tools, it will be tools that I have purchased on the way, but considering I am starting this project from a beginners position at the start I only had tools available as most other people would. Items such as a socket set, hammer, and screw drivers. Therefore I imagine anything you and up needed to buy to strip down and rebuild a dirt bike will be listed here somewhere.

There are 3 categories, or at least to start with I may end up adding more who knows. These are:

1. Tools – self explanatory. I have added a review column, title ‘More Info’ to the table and a link to a post where I show the product in detail, give my thoughts etc. Not all products have a related link, I have only done one if I feel it was worthy of showing you the detail or if it has been requested. The purpose is to give you more info on that product if you are considering buying it.

2. Services – these are things that I have had to get done such as powder coating. I would never be doing these myself so I have paid for an external company.

3.Parts – Any parts that I need to buy as I go along and i’ll list where I bought these.

4. Consumables – Listed to show what products I have used.

Outside of those coategories you will just see the running total bill for the rebuild here at the top.

Total Running Expenses:



DescriptionCompanyPrice (£)
Shot blasting the frame and pegsFriend Richie40.00
2nd Shot blast of the frame and pegsMetal Blast – Poole 30.00
Powder coating frame and pegsNP Sprayers – Poole90.00
Rear Shock RebuildFalcon Shocks348.00
Powder Coat Triple clamp, and bitsNP Sprayers20.00
Shot blast triple clamp and bitsMetal Blast – Poole25.00


DescriptionCompanyPrice (£)More Info Link
Tech 7 Bike StandeBay 32.95none
2 x Tyre LeversDirtBikeBitz13.18
Brake Bleed KiteBay10.99


DescriptionCompanyPrice (£)
Tank DecalseBay17.00
Steering Bearing Dust Seals – top and bottomFowlers Parts11.23
2 x Steering BearingsFowlers Parts62.04
Background Decals –
More Background Decals –
2 x Fork Seal SetsFowlers Parts68.69
10x Copper Washers – 12m x 18mmeBay2.75


DescriptionCompanyPrice (£)
Wet & Dry Sand PaperToolstation15.00
Clutch and Brake Cleaner (5L)Euro Car Parts15.00
Plastic cups and sealable bagsSupermarket3.00
Wet & Dry Sand Paper 1500,200,2500 gritEbay10.59
Supa Dec – Matt White Spray Paint eBay8.60
Supa Dec – Silver Spray PainteBay7.99
Hycote – Grey PrimereBay7.99
Belray Waterproof GreaseeBay12.15
HPX R 5W Fork OileBay11.79