How To Take A Dirt Bike Seat Off

One of the easiest things to do on your dirt bike…..when you know how. If you are like me then you know it is not going to be complicated but i just couldn’t find the fixing to begin with.

All dirt bikes will follow the same principle but the pics you see in this post are from my Honda XLR200 and I can tell you the same applies for my Honda XR250.

  1. Remove the plastic side panels
  2. Find 2 bolts under the rear fender that holds the rear of the seat down.
  3. Unscrew and remove the bolts.
  4. Pull seat up and slide back at the same time and it will pop right off.

Yes it is that simple.

The problem most people have is either locating the bolts that hold the seat in place, or once they have these removed the seat may be settled into position nice and snug so you need a bit more force than expected.

Slidng the seat back is key because of the type of fixing they have on the front of the seat slides in.

I have posted a series of pics below to try and illustrate the process and if I get time i’ll add a short video to my Youtube Channel and embed that here also.

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