Motocross Pants Size Chart – Get The Right Fit

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been riding for many years, finding the perfect motocross pants can be challenging. Nothing’s worse than riding your bike with pants that don’t fit. Loose pants will fall off, and tight pants squeeze your waistline, so how are you supposed to know what size pants to wear?

Using a motocross pants size chart will let you find the perfect fit without going over or under your measurements. Measure your waist and inseam in inches, and match those measurements with the company’s recommended size. You’ll then have comfortable motocross pants you can wear regularly.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following information about using a motocross pants size chart:

  • How to accurately measure for your new pair of motocross pants
  • A helpful sizing chart for beginners and experienced riders
  • What you should wear under your motocross pants
  • How to shrink them if they’re too big

How Do You Measure for Motocross Pants?

SizeInseam – inches (cm)Waistline – inches (cm)
2827 to 29 (68.58 to 76.66)30 (76.2)
3029 to 31 (76.66 to 78.74)30 to 30.5 (76.2 to 77.47)
3231 to 33 (78.74 to 83.82)30.5 to 31 (77.47 to 78.74)
3433 to 35 (83.82 to 88.9)31 to 31.5 (78.74 to 80.01)
3635 to 37 (88.9 to 93.98)31.5 to 32 (80.01 to 81.28)
3837 to 39 (93.98 to 99.06)32 to 32.5 (81.28 to 82.55) 
4039 to 41 (99.06 to 104.14)32.5 to 33 (82.55 to 83.82)

(Source: Revzilla)

Motocross pants are some of the most important clothing for your riding setup. Without long-lasting, durable, comfortable pants, you’ll have an uncomfortable riding experience. Since sizing is such a crucial part of the process, you should review the helpful table above thoroughly to pick your next pair of motocross pants and compare your measurements to the chart.

So, how can you correctly measure yourself for motocross pants? Try this simple step-by-step process:

  1. According to MX Outfit, you need to measure the inseam by using soft tape from the top of your ankle to the inside of your crotch. This distance will be your inseam length, which you can match to the sizing chart above. As you can see, the sizes range in two-inch increments.
  2. Use the same soft tape to measure your waist. Wrap it around the area you prefer to wear your pants since that’s where they’ll rest. For most riders, measure at the bend is the ideal solution. Much like the inseam measurements, the sizing may vary and come in 0.5-inch (1.27-cm) increments.
  3. Find your inseam and waistline measures on the sizing chart, then choose the proper size. Check the materials to find out if they shrink. Most motocross pants won’t shrink too much since they’re made of nylon and polyester. If you’re having trouble with slightly oversized pants, we’ll cover a solution in the final subheading.

Some motocross pants are flexible and stretch with your movements, but it’s best to rely on the chart so you don’t pick the wrong size. Consider pairs with adjustable straps or belts that allow you to tighten them, if needed.

As you can see, picking your new motocross pants is easy with the provided size chart. It takes less than a minute to find out what size you need. Once you’ve purchased your motocross pants, proceed to the next section, so you know what to wear under them.

What To Wear Under Motocross Pants

Unlike traditional pants, motocross pants are dense, tightly-woven, and can bunch up, so it’s essential to wear comfortable clothing underneath. You’ve probably tried jeans, khakis, underwear, and everything in between. Never wear anything that bunches up, causes discomfort, or limits your movement when riding.

Below, we’ll discuss what you can wear under your motocross pants that will give you movement ease and breathability:

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts come in varying lengths. Make sure they’re tight enough to prevent bunching. It’s very difficult to adjust compression shorts under motocross pants, but if you find the right size, you’ll be more than happy with the fit. They stay out of the way while still keeping you comfortable and secure.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are known for being breathable, relaxed, and easy to move in. You won’t have to worry about limited movements or bunching, which is why many motocross riders grab a pair of cycling shorts. They’re one of the top suggestions for the ThumperTalk community. You could also choose long briefs, though they’re usually not as thick or durable as cycling shorts.

Tight Gym Shorts

Much like cycling shorts and compression shorts, tight gym shorts get the job done. They’re designed for mobility, which is great if you’re annoyed by bunched clothing. They’re also quite airy, making them perfect for hot summer months. It’s recommended that you choose gym shorts that are about six to nine inches above your knees.

Each of these choices is breathable, designed for movement, and relatively affordable. Don’t wear baggy underwear, thick jeans, or sweats, as you’ll drip sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable throughout your motocross ride. You also shouldn’t be able to see the outline of your shorts under high-quality motocross pants.

Suppose you bought a new pair of pants and you can’t return them. Don’t stress – you’re not out of luck yet. In the next section, we’ll discuss a few suggestions to shrink them for a better fit.

Tips To Shrink Your Motocross Pants

It’s almost impossible to buy the wrong size if you followed the aforementioned size chart, but you might’ve gotten a pair before reading it, or someone could’ve given you secondhand pants. Either way, you can shrink most pairs of motocross pants if they fit within specific parameters.

Here’s what you should know about shrinking your motocross pants:

  • It’s very difficult to shrink old motocross pants. They’ve likely been worn, washed, and dried several times. The most important part of the process is the initial washing cycle, so it’s fairly challenging to shrink them if you’ve purchased them used. You find more success in simply getting a new pair.
  • Wash your motocross pants on the highest, longest heat setting on your washing machine. The hot water loosens the fibers, removes excess threads, and shrinks the stitching as it dries. Dry your motocross pants in front of a fan on a drying line. Dryers, blow dryers, and UV rays from the sun can damage the material.
  • Keep in mind you might not be able to return new motocross pants after you’ve washed them. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines, warranties, and washing instructions if you’re concerned about voiding the return policy. It’s best to return them for a brand-new pair instead of trying to shrink them in the washer.
  • Wash the pants by themselves (don’t add other clothing to the washer machine). They might bleed a bit of dye, and they won’t shrink as much if there’s additional clothing in the machine. Heat, moisture, and proper drying are irreplaceable, and they’re limited if you have extra clothes in there.

The best time to wash motocross pants for shrinkage is when they’re new and don’t have a return policy. Once you’ve ensured they can’t be returned and aren’t covered by a warranty, you can try these suggestions. Remember, nylon and polyester don’t shrink nearly as much as cotton, so you’ll only notice a slight improvement. However, it could be enough to make a worthwhile difference.


Now that you know how to pick the perfect motocross pants, you don’t have to worry about limited movements or prolonged discomfort. Pants are much more important than you might think, especially in a high-impact, fast-paced sport like motocross. Remember to avoid the dryer and sunlight when shrinking oversized nylon pants.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • Use the previously mentioned motocross pants size chart to find your favorite pants.
  • Wear compression shorts or cycling shorts under your motocross pants.
  • Measure your waist and inseam for precise sizing when buying new pants.


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